Lighting Up Lives Of Those
Without Homes

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Raise Awareness

Through social media, education, and grassroots efforts, the goal is to shed light on the realities faced by individuals experiencing homelessness. Our mission aims to inspire compassion and collective action, emphasising the need for sustainable solutions to address this pressing societal issue.

Challenge Stigmas

Naviro aims to break stereotypes and foster compassion through awareness campaigns and education. We seek to humanise and de-stigmatise the experiences of those facing homelessness, encouraging empathy and dismantling harmful and ill judgments.

Foster Empathy

Focusing on cultivating understanding through storytelling and community engagement, Naviro aims to highlight personal narratives, evoke compassion and break down stereotypes, fostering a more empathetic society committed to addressing the root causes of homelessness.

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Pack & Deliver

You can be involved in putting together all the elements that make up our 14 variations of care packages, and even deliver them directly to those in need. Be a part of something meaningful, meet like minded volunteers, and see the effects that these care packages have in person.

Engage & Collect Data

One of the most crucial parts of our future goal is to be able to help vetted individuals get off the streets through education, therapy and the opportunity to move into and shape a self-sufficient community. We need the data that goes into our vetting process, and you can help.

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Keenan Lucas

CEO, Co-Owner
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Marli Fraser

CFO, Co-Owner
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Chane Fraser

CMO, Co-Owner
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Justin Ah-Tow

CTO, Co-Owner
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We are on a mission to help the homeless
get back on their feet.
With your help we can bring brighter days.